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 Our Story

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. In Ethiopia, over 12 million people are involved in the cultivation and picking of coffee. Coffee ceremony plays an important role in the Ethiopian society. People often gather over coffee for many different reasons, like daily life conversations, for solving social conflicts among neighbors, after church gathering and spending a good time with each other.  People around the world travel to Ethiopia to enjoy authentic coffee with a touch of Italian mix because of the historical interactions.

Coming from five generations of Ethiopian coffee growers, we grew up running around family’s coffee plantation in Harar, which is located in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia. That’s where we acquired plenty of experience with coffee, learning daily lessons about every aspect of coffee growing, harvesting, roasting and brewing. Every cup we serve is a delicious result of our high standards, we devote ourselves to the art of coffee roasting and retailing, moreover we are very passionate to serve and introduce our finest coffee to our community in Rockville.

 Our Approach

Our objectives is to introduce Black Lion Cafe to the community, to provide a place for people to go and spend a good time with friends and family. A quite place to work, a convenient location. We provide a unique and authentic taste of Ethiopian Coffee.

Our goal is to select, roast, and market the freshest 100% Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans. At our roastery, we drum roast our coffee beans daily in small batches and deliver promptly to our customers to ensure they enjoy maximum quality from our brand, Black Lion Coffee. We use one-way valves when packaging, which allows coffee to be packed immediately after roasting to maximize protection from moisture and air, conserving freshness, flavor, and aroma.

A coffee straight from the origin.

Allow us to make you a cup of coffee straight from the origin. Enjoy it in our meticulously deigned café and/or let us pack some freshly roasted beans for you to take home. Routinely ranked No. 1 by experts, Ethiopian coffee never disappoints.


Fresh beans

Black Lion Café sources its coffee from three regions of Ethiopia known for producing some of the best tasting coffee beans in the world. Keffa,
the region of Ethiopia that gave the name ‘coffee’ to the bean, Yergacheffe, and Harrar.



In-house Roasting

At Black Lion Café we use state-of-the-art computerized technology to freshly roast in-house some of the best flavored beans in the world to preserve and complement the more than 1000 natural compounds that coffee is known to contain.


Brew in Style

We do it to your liking with micro precision at anytime of the day. If you want to taste it, we brew it in front of you. We use some of the best and modern espresso machinery. We come from generations of coffee growers and traders in Ethiopia. We know how to make this stuff taste good.

Join Us...

Visit us at our new Rockville, MD location and experience our quality product and friendly staff set within top designer interior settings.