Things you can do to protect yourself from coronavirus

You can never be too careful with coronavirus rapidly infecting thousands of people globally each day. Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmits and behaves like the common cold or the flu. This means it can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and by touching your eyes or mouth after coming in contact with the virus. This is why washing your hands is of utmost importance.

Wash your hands!

It may sound like a no-brainer but washing your hands frequently is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the spread of the virus – especially when you are out in public or in a crowded area, such as an airport or a mall.

Try to avoid touching hand rails, door handles, pay phones (in case you stepped out of a time machine from the early 90s), or surfaces. If you must, you should refrain from touching your eyes or your mouth before washing them thoroughly.

This means you MUST wash your hands before eating anything. If you touch something contaminated and then you eat a sandwich, you could contract the virus.

Avoid close contact with infected individuals

If you know someone who is sick, avoid physical contact with them. That means no hugs, no kisses and no shaking hands. If you touched something that they just touched, wash your hands.

Chances are if you know someone with the coronavirus, they are most likely in some form of quarantine. However, if you happen upon an individual with coronavirus who has not been quarantined yet, don’t come in physical contact with them.

Don’t worry about hurting their feelings either. They will understand.

Clean and disinfect surfaces you use regularly

Use soap and water to clean surfaces like counter tops and door handles that you use on a regular basis.

It is not yet proven whether or not products like Lysol or Clorox will 100% kill this particular strain of coronavirus but you can never be too careful.

Avoid travelling to countries that have infected areas

This might be a little more difficult if you have business or a vacation planned but take a look at the map from the CDC. You can see it hereIf the country in question is highlighted in blue, that means are are coronavirus cases there. The best way to prevent getting the virus is to avoid it all together. Do your best to avoid those countries.

If you are already living in one of those countries like I am (United States), then this safety tip won’t apply because, well, you’re already here.

Have adequate safety and preventive supplies on hand