“With sweet fruit notes and delicate floral aromas...

...it’s hard to imagine a coffee that tastes better than a finely washed Yirgacheffe or a big, sweet, natural processed Sidama. This is the genetic birthplace of Coffea Arabica, which has been growing wild and harvested here for millennia. Every time I drink a coffee from Ethiopia, I can’t help but feel that this is how coffee is supposed to taste and everything else is an imitation, a copy of a copy, changed in some way inadvertently because of genetic drift or changing climates. Ethiopia also has the largest genetic diversity of coffee varieties, helps contribute to the uniqueness of the cup character"

- Lorenzo Perkins, director of education at Cuvée Coffee.

Josh R. |  Washington, DC.  | 3/17/2017

"You gotta try it!"

Love this spot so much I ALMOST want to be greedy and keep it a secret. Their Ethiopian imported, freshly roasted coffee is super tasty and the classy-yet-homey atmosphere is hard to beat. The little touches, such as the house roaster being on display right out front, or the patient/enthusiastic indulgence of Emmanuel the owner when you ask him questions about coffee nature, are really what tie up this enjoyable package with a delicious and enjoyable bow. You gotta try it!

Sophie W. |  North Potomac, MD  | 4/1/2017

"LOVELY coffee shop..."

I'm so excited that there's an independently run (aka not Starbucks) and LOVELY coffee shop in the area. the staff are so friendly and warm, the interior is beautiful and spacious, and the wifi worked well. it's my new favorite place to work! so far I've tried a cappuccino and a Chai Latte, and both were great! the pastries were also excellent. highly recommended!!

Jorge D. |  Cambridge, MA  | 3/6/2017

"A service second to none"

Awesome coffee place. African coffee is my favorite and here you can see why. It has strong aroma and in this place they toast the beans right in front of you. They follow the traditional Ethiopian way so the coffee don't have the acidic taste characteristic of other coffee places that serve over toasted coffee.
The service is second to none. The owner is very cool way ready to take care of you. He is passionate about his business and can explain to you the whole process from the coffee bean to your cap of coffee. He traveled around the globe and has a very entertaining conversation.
The atmosphere is nice and relate to the Europeans cafes where people meet and talk about life.
A high quality product. It always pay back.

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